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Harness the Life-Changing Power of "The Secret" through an Astounding Visualization Process Created by a World-Renowned Author & Therapist ... Let Your Subconscious Do the Work While You Relax Your Way to Health and Wealth!

Struggling with Visualization?  Well, Stop! ... Close Your Eyes,
Visualize, and Materialize!

Imagine yourself lying down, relaxing, listening to melodic soothing words that guide you into an exciting sparkling-new future ... a future you've always dreamed of having ...

Imagine that you do it without stress, without effort, by merely allowing your subconscious to make contact with your higher self and, through the creative power of the universe, bring your desires to fruition. 

Sound crazy?  Impossible?  Impractical?

Not with the help of Dr. Patrick Porter and ...

The Secret Visualization!

This is how it began ... 

Lunch With The Doctor

I, Ron Peer, was having lunch with Patrick Porter, psychologist and good friend, at our favorite Greek restaurant in Phoenix ... 

... and I was telling him about my Secrets of The Secret website and how gratifying it was to receive emails from people on my list. 

  “People really love The Secret,” I said.  “They’re finding new ways to live and are very excited.  They’re putting into use all the suggestions offered in the movie – gratitude, vision boards, meditation, getting into the feeling state … but there seems to be something that they struggle with.”  






Patrick Porter, Ph.D

What’s that?” asked Patrick.

“Visualization.  Many people just have a hard time visualizing.  They can’t seem to focus their minds on the images they want.  Either they can't hold the vision or they draw blanks.”

“What they need is a CVR process.”  Patrick said.  He must've noted my quizzical stare because he explained further: “CVR: Creative Visualization and Relaxation.  It's a method that bypasses the conscious mind and seeps into the subconscious.  It's a process that allows people to get themselves out of the way.  Our conscious mind is often our own worst enemy.”

I knew all about that.  I’ve been plagued by “mind chatter” most of my life.  It was only after working with spiritual principles that I was able to release some of its viciousness.

“Well, sure, a CVR process would be great,”  I said.  “But where am I going to get one? You going to create it for me?” I laughed.  Patrick was an extremely busy guy.  He'd just started a new company and was flying to a different city every week.  I’m surprised he had time to have lunch with me.

Patrick stabbed at his Greek salad, forked an olive into his mouth. “I suppose I could do that.”

“Really?  Wow.”  I started to get excited.

Patrick was no slouch. 

He’d written a gazillion books and was the founder of the largest lifestyle-change franchise in the country, Positive Changes, where he’d shown thousands of people how to lose weight and quit smoking. 

All with the power of their own minds.

He'd also been on a slew of TV shows and networks: ABC, NBC, CBS, The Discovery Channel, Sally Jesse Raphael Show.  Getting Patrick to create a custom CVR process would be quite a coup. 

But I wanted to be realistic with him.  “Well, Patrick, it would have to be affordable.  Many people on my list are struggling with financial issues.  That’s one of the big reasons people become interested in the law of attraction.”

I wanted to let Patrick down gently.  I knew he had created expensive audio sets in the past on a variety of topics.  But my list members weren’t likely to have that kind of money.

Not yet anyway.

But if they kept working with the Law of Attraction, I knew they would eventually exceed their wildest desires.

“The most expensive part of the process is the production cost,” Patrick said, his mind whirring.  “Creating CD’s, packaging, labeling, mailing – all that adds up.  Studio time isn't cheap either.”

“What if we could avoid those costs?” I asked.  “Like with BrainTap.”

I was playing to his ego now.  Patrick was really into new technology.  His company BrainTap Technology was marketing special machines that used "light and sound technology" and played downloadable audio files.  Now I realized that Patrick had meant to use this technology specifically with Creative Visualization and Relaxation all along ... That that was his therapeutic edge in the world of self development.

Creative Visualization is the Key

"You mean, make it a downloadable file?  No discs?" he asked.

"Right," I said. "An MP3 download.  Instant access.  If people want to make a CD, they can do it with Windows Media Player or their favorite CD burning program."  (Learn about burning CDs here)

"That would certainly reduce expenses," Patrick said.  "How much do you think your people would pay?  $20?  $25?"

I lowered my fork.

"I think we can do better than that," I said.  "I'm thinking half that amount."

"Half?  I've never sold anything that cheap before.  Hah!"  He looked amused as he gestured at the waiter for an iced tea refill.

Somehow I Convinced Him

"I know it sounds crazy, Patrick.  But just think -- I'd be driving traffic to your website. More people will discover BrainTap.  More people will find out about your light & sound machines.  The people on my Secrets list are highly-motivated to create new lives for themselves.  They're tired of doing things the old way.  That's why they're into the Law of Attraction.  They know there are better ways of improving their lives and they want to learn what they are.  Consider it a loss leader.  But, remember, it can also be a process that you offer your own customers.  You could make money down the line."

Patrick nodded politely just as his cell phone rang.  It was one of his business partners. 

Uh-oh.  This could be a long call.  I took the opportunity to escape to the bathroom. 

When I returned, Patrick was off his cell and was nibbling on his baklava, which must've arrived in my absence.  It certainly looked tasty.  I suddenly wished I had ordered one.

"All right," he said, crunching, munching. "I'll let you test market it with your list members.  But I reserve the right to recall the process at any time.  If I say pull it, you've gotta take it off the market.  I retain full rights."

I thought about it a moment.  Did I really have a choice?  I would never find anyone as experienced, knowledgeable, and talented as Patrick to create the visualization process.

"Okay.  I guess I'm at your mercy.  But it had better be one damned good process!"

"It'll be better than this baklava," he said. "And that's pretty good, let me tell you."  He licked at some honey which was seeping from an end.  "How about Ask, Believe and Receive?"

What?" I asked, my eyes on the baklava. 

"For the name of the process. Ask, Believe and Receive."

"Fantastic," I said.  "Can I have a bite?"

Patrick grinned. "Ask and ye shall receive."  He broke the dessert in half.

Wow.  The process was working already.  I gobbled. 

A Surprise in My Email Box

A few weeks later I received an email from Patrick, telling me to check his company's FTP site.  He had a surprise for me.  I logged in and saw a new folder with my name on it.  Inside was the Ask, Believe and Receive Visualization Process.   

I immediately downloaded it to my MP3 player and listened. 

It blew me away.  27 minutes of guided imagery and affirmations set to beautiful, hypnotic, background music.  It instantly put me into a state of relaxation and inner peace. I listened to Patrick's words and was led into the wild world of my future full-potential.  The images just kept coming and coming ...

Here Are Some of the Things I Heard in the CVR Process:

  • Tune into the frequency of success that will bring you everything you want
  • The unseen forces of your mind will bring it to you – prosperity is there for you – as naturally as air entering your lungs
  • Tune into your true self image
  • It's as simple as picking up a phone call
  • It's as simple as going to a meeting, having a conversation with a family member
  • Your mind is a magnifying agent for the creative force that exists in every cell, system, and organ of the universe
  • All you need to do is relax and accept the power of your own mind
  • Consciously use the power of the mind to magnetize the type of people that you want to be with, the type of relationships you want to be involved in, the type of income you want to make, the type of car you want to drive, the type of home you’d be most comfortable in, the type of work you’d really enjoy doing
  • You will see the world differently, with new eyes, hear the world differently, with new ears
  • Accept a state of inner peace
  • You will draw opportunities to you that will enable you to take right action
  • Setting up a frequency of peace and tranquility – frequency of gratitude – bringing you to a point of prosperity
  • Loving, honoring and appreciating yourself
  • Each time you close your eyes with the intention of magnetizing into the world around you, your infinite abundance will happen freely easily and gracefully because all you really need to do is ask
  • Activate your own manifesting potential, your own creative potential – it all happens easily and gracefully
  • Let go of limitations and embrace full potential
  • Script your own life from a higher level of consciousness that will create a roadmap to success
  • Discontinue negative thoughts, concepts or beliefs about prosperity that need to be eliminated
  • Your other than conscious mind will take over, all you need to do is relax, enjoy the journey and accept the power of your mind.
  • Step into the future with your perfect life – visualize all aspects – notice the bedroom you’d awaken in – walk from one end of home to another – walk into garage and notice type of auto you’d be driving – go for ride on a country road – as if you already had it now –
  • Imagine you’ve created the perfect working environment – that you’re working with wonderful like-minded people from the highest consciousness
  • Imagine relationships you would have as you build a powerful relationship with yourself
  • The cells, the systems, the organs of your body are reshaping the way you see the world. You’re seeing opportunity in the world around you.  It’s changing the way you hear the world. 
  • Negative thoughts concepts and beliefs will have no control over you.  You focus on the positive -- you accept, use, and benefit from action. 
  • Your gratitude of the life you’ve been given increases with time, each and every time you listen to this process.
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Here's How Cool It Sounds

I listen to a lot of audio books and MP3 files and the biggest problem that I run across is that I just plain don't like the reader or speaker's voice.  Sometimes it's too nasally or whiny or the tempo is just too slow.  I hate that!  That's why I want to give you sample of Patrick's dulcet tones, so you can hear how good this guy sounds.  

Listen to first 90 seconds of the Visualization Process
(please allow time for loading)


Here's How CVR Works

What is Creative Visualization?

Simply put, visualization is the process of forming images in the mind and is the primary component of the imagination.  Visualization is at the core of the human ability to create, innovate and dream.

Many of history's inventors and artists attribute their success to an exceptional ability to visualize.  Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Henry Ford and the great composer, Chopin, all reported using creative visualization to spark their imaginations.  Additionally, Albert Einstein once said that he came up with the theory of relativity by imagining what would happen if he could travel through space on the tip of a light beam.

Creative visualization can transport you out of a state of stress or fear, and into a new space of inner calm, peace and tranquility. Additionally, a natural by-product of creative visualization occurs when the body releases all tension, thereby creating the relaxation response - the perfect state for learning, healing, or focusing on goals.

The Mind Affects the Body

Visualization has long been the primary tool for mind/body healing.  From a scientific perspective, because visualization directly impacts the body's neurological system, we know it can have a direct influence on us physically.

For example, imagine I have just handed you a large, yellow lemon. You slice the lemon into quarters, squirting wet sticky juice onto your fingers, inhaling the pungent scent of citrus.  Now visualize yourself raising a section of lemon to your mouth and biting slowly into the pulp ...

What happened?  Did your mouth begin to pucker?  Did it fill with saliva?  This is a naturally occurring neurological response to an imagined thought.

Have you ever watched a horror film and, in the midst of the excitement, found that your palms were sweating and your heart was pounding?  You knew it was "just a movie," though, right?

If your mind can cause this kind of impression on the body, is there any reason it can't guide your into creating the life you really want?  You mind is the most powerful part of your body. Why not use it to the best of its ability?

 Why Use Creative Visualization and Guided Relaxation Together?

We all have an inner critic, a part of our mind that, based on past experience, will reject new unfamiliar information without proper evaluation.  It will shut out the unknown, often out of fear.  Studies have shown that relaxation techniques subdue this critical tendency and make you receptive to new ideas.  Even though it may seem counterintuitive to "let go in order to gain control," this is exactly what happens during the relaxation response.

With Dr. Patrick Porter's creative visualization technique, you will experience positive and appropriate ways to imagine your personal goals.  This will help you remain optimistic and motivated toward the changes that bring about your success.

 Another Benefit of CVR -- Increased Wellness!

Recent research shows that excessive stress can damage the immune system.  Therefore, it's vital to incorporate a program of stress reduction and relaxation into your everyday routine.  By reducing anxiety and stress, and increasing relaxation, you can boost your immune system and use your unlimited inner resources to improve your life.

But don't think CVR is merely a nice, relaxing daydream.  People who regularly relax with CVR processes enjoy a number of side-benefits.  These often include:

  • Increased blood flow to the brain, resulting in clearer thinking, better concentration, improved memory and enhanced creativity.

  • A 21% increase in serotonin, which calms the mind and body and creates an overall sense of wellbeing.

  • A 25% increase in endorphins, the hormones that flow through your body when you feel happy.

  • Better sleep patterns. Twenty minutes of CVR can be equivalent to 3-4 hours of sleep, so you may find yourself sleeping less, feeling more rested, accomplishing more, and finding extra enjoyment in life.

  • Soaring energy levels.

  • More fulfilling relationships.

  • Improved career satisfaction.

  • A clearer sense of purpose.

  • A seemingly effortless ability to manage stress.

Here's How Dr. Porter Has Helped Others Using CVR

"I'm a singer in an alternative rock band.  I knew I needed to appear confident on stage, but I just couldn't relax.  The fear and stress spilled over into every aspect of my life.  It was as if anxiety and depression had overtaken me.  When Dr. Patrick Porter turned me on to CVR, my life was forever changed.  Now that I have a great image of myself, I feel as if I've been illuminated from the inside.  My self-esteem is sky high and my confidence is soaring. I even sing better than ever before-I know, because I get dozens of compliments after every show!"

Jennifer Severo,
Springfield, Missouri

"With Dr. Porter's program, I am now able to manage my chronic pain.  I had shattered my leg in a fall and spent a year and a half in a wheelchair. The persistent burning pain in my hips, knees and ankles was often so intense, it would freeze me in my steps. The benefit I received from Dr. Porter is so huge; I have a hard time putting it to words.  What I can tell you, though, is that every day I celebrate my pain-free life, and am grateful for Dr. Porter's amazing program."

Dale Ann Springer,
Livermore, California

"Golfers are known for losing their temper, overanalyzing, and second-guessing their club selection.  Mental control over these issues translates to lower golf scores.  Without this mental focus, most people tend to quickly revert to old swing faults.  Dr. Porter's CVR program helps golfers get the crucial mental practice they need.  It can also replace many of the repetitions needed at a golf driving range, saving them money and time.  I’ve seen Dr. Porter's CVR program help dozens of golfers gain mental control, which translates to lower golf scores."

Bobby Lopez,
PGA Professional

Okay, So Now You've Heard How CVR Has Worked For Others.  Isn't it Time for You to Put the Process to Work in Your Life?

Ideally, listen twice a day for best results.  If you can only listen once a day, listen at bedtime.  If you fall asleep that's perfectly fine.  Your subconscious will absorb all the information as you drift into slumber.  In fact, your mind will be in its most receptive state because you will be at your most relaxed. 

Free Bonuses to Help You Visualize

To help you get your life on a new track, I am throwing in some free bonuses that will accelerate your progress and get you onto the road to success.  You've been a loyal follower of my Secrets of The Secret list, so I want to be sure that you continue to receive value into order to manifest positive change into your life. 

SpeedWealth by T. Harv Eker

You may already be familiar with Harv Eker.  He's the author of the brilliant Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, a book that was on the bestseller list for weeks.  Eker is considered the master of wealth development for the individual and for businesses.  He has shown thousands how to achieve their financial dreams.  SpeedWealth is one of his first books and contains many of the seed ideas later developed in Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.  If you haven't read Secrets yet, this is a good place to start. 

Here is a description of the book from Harv himself:

Would you like to earn a lot of money ... Quickly?  If so, you are in the right place. I am about to introduce you to a dynamic new business system that will allow you to create wealth faster than you may have ever dreamed possible.  My name is T. Harv Eker.  I am the author of eleven bestselling books, tapes, and home learning courses in the areas of money, business and personal success.  My most recent release is a powerful new program called SpeedWealth and I'd like to share it with you as a gift.  I call it a gift because it has completely transformed my life, and the lives of thousands of others.  I know it can do the same for you.  Let me suggest you take a few moments right now to sit down, relax and read every word of this invaluable book.  I assure you it will be well worth your time. SpeedWealth is a step-by-step system for making a million dollars or more in your own business in 3 years or less, and enjoying the journey along the way!  Let me warn you, if you're expecting complex formulas, you are in for a surprise. The SpeedWealth methods are extremely simple, but they make people rich!  The SpeedWealth system is for people who already own a business, for people who want to own a business, and for people who have a job now, but want the security of 'knowing' they can succeed on their own in case they leave their job or it leaves them!  It's for anyone who is tired of struggling for money and wants to become financially free, once and for all."

Valued at $20.00

Manifesting Mindset by Barry Goss

In Barry Goss' latest book "The Manifesting Mindset: Strategies for Deliberate Attraction & Conscious Living" you will find the the keys to properly manifesting your desires, and includes the 12 Keys Principles of the Manifesting Mindset.

In this acclaimed book by manifestation expert Barry Goss you will not only discover what you truly desire in life but also get the tools to make your own personal mission come alive in reality.

Through reading the Manifesting Mindset you will uncover the following insights that will give you the keys to the heavily guarded vault of riches and abundance.

-- What's your self-directed storyline?
-- From Puppet to Puppet-Master
-- Why Ask "Why?"
-- From Perception to Vision - Expanding Our Paradigms
-- Life's Top 5 Illusions
-- What you don't know that you don't know
-- 12 Key Manifesting Principles
-- It's Not Magic ... But It Can Be Magical

This is a very powerful book, that will really take your way of thinking to a complete new level.

Valued at $24.95

These two ebooks alone are worth more than the cost of
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90-Day Money Back Guarantee
Go ahead.  Give the Ask, Believe & Receive Process a try.  If you don't see results within 90 days, just let me know and I will refund your money.  No questions asked. 


Act Now Before Patrick Changes His Mind

My guess is that Patrick is going to adopt the Ask, Believe, and Receive Process into his PorterVision system.  When this happens he is most likely going to make me withdraw the program from this web page ... a bummer, but what can I do?  It's HIS process.  All I can do is tell you to order now -- to act like lightning! -- while the process is still available. 

Now you can learn to visualize without effort -- without strain -- harness the power of the Law of Attraction in the comfort of your own home.

Close Your Eyes, Visualize, Materialize!

        To recap, here's what you get for your $12.97
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The "Ask, Believe and Receive" Process (MP3 download)
SpeedWealth by T. Harv Eker (PDF download)
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